Emergency Tree Removal

Signs You May Need Emergency Tree Removal

You may need emergency tree removal if you have a tree that looks like it is about to topple over, has limbs that are extremely weak, or has already started to crack or bend. The most common reason why emergency tree removal is needed is because of storms. Your tree may have been struck by lightening, may have sustained damage from wind that caused the limbs to look weak or like they may fall, or flood waters may have uplifted your tree and caused it to become unbalanced. Anytime your tree looks like it may fall over or lose limbs that may result in damage to a home, car or person under the tree, you need emergency tree removal service.
When you are looking to hire an emergency tree removal company, it is important that you take the time to ask the company how quickly they can arrive to your property and why you need them to arrive quickly. Many times, emergency tree removal is needed after a storm, but in many cases, that storm may have caused other damage to other trees, which can leave an emergency tree removal company busy. Asking about their timeline helps you determine if you can wait for them to arrive or whether you should move on to another company who can help you quickly. Finally, it is important to note that if a storm has blown your tree into power lines, you need to notify the power company, not an emergency tree removal company. That is a job that the power company needs to handle and address due to the live power wires.
Here at Springfield Tree Service, we can help you when you are in need of an emergency tree removal company. Contact our company and we will send out a professional to help you as quickly as we can.

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